What I Offer

What I Offer

I provide custom somatic programs tailored for your needs. I offer personalized service for individuals, community classes for groups, focused workshops, and immersive retreats.


Mindfulness- A seated meditation with breath that cultivates perceptual awareness, attentional focus, acceptance of the present moment, and non-judgmental self-compassion. Release the stress, find your center, get grounded, and welcome peace.


Yoga- An ancient wisdom tradition that honors the sacred vessel of the body as the vehicle for transformation. Practice nurtures self-realization and rejuvenates body, mind, and spirit.

  • Hatha Yoga- Physical asana postures, supported with breath, visualizations, and mantras. Each session explores a specific thematic focus. (Resilience, Grounding, etc.)
  • Yoga Nidra- Guided meditation with rich somatic visualizations. Experienced in a reclining savasana position, to relax and renew body, mind, and spirit.


Release and Restore- Gentle somatic movement exercises performed on mats, to release habitual tension and restore functional muscular use. Great for working through chronic imbalances due to stress, and for getting back in touch with the body after a long hiatus.


Moving Meditation- Drawn from indigenous shamanic practices and contemporary neuroscience, to synchronize the brainwaves and calm the reactive nervous system. Enter into altered states of consciousness with ease. Perfect for those too fidgety for sitting meditation.


Contact Dance- Connect with community, physically and energetically. Tune in to the organic flow of the present moment. Explore contact with fellow travelers, through an exchange of authentic presence and attentional focus. Immerse in the therapeutic resonance of community, connection, and contact.


Ecstatic Dance- Cleanse and rejuvenate your sacred vessel with this spirit healing dance. Explore the spirit rhythms from within. Through a progressive unfolding of energetic layers, we embark upon a journey of the spirit. What have you been holding back? Let your expression shine.


Experiential Events- Anchor the moment to elevate the here and now. Site specific and time sensitive. Ceremonies mark major milestones in life, the endings and new beginnings. Rituals focus intentions, and help us to process life events.

  • Ceremony- Venerate the completion of a cycle, or the beginning of a new cycle. Commemorate your event with a ceremonial dance customized to meet your needs. (Graduation, Wedding, Solstice, etc.)
  • Ritual- Align energetically with your focused intentions for ease and flow through life transitions. Honor the changes of life consciously and authentically with a somatic ritual. (Releasing, Manifesting, Healing, Fertility, Moon, Morning, etc.)