Kim Gregg     



Enjoy the Video Clips!  To the right, are samples of my choreography.  Click on the dance title to play the video.  Choreography copyrights are reserved by Kim Gregg.  Below, are descriptive notes about each dance.

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Fragile (10:00) 2017

Blending imagery of ecosystem destruction, bird life and the traumatic effect of oil spills, this dance depicts how the most fragile are the hardest hit by humanity's errors.  

Flee the Sea (8:55) 2016

Remembering the countless lives lost in the tsunamis, images of peril, compassion, and determination shape this work.  This dance is inspired by ongoing reports of ghost encounters, still attempting to escape disaster, and community efforts to move the spirits along.  This dance serves as a memorial to honor the dead. 


Fingers Pointing Toward the Moon (8:15) 2015

Titled with a Zen metaphor for seeking truth, this dance is inspired by Zen philosophy.  The rhythms and structure  of this dance are derived from feng shui and chi gong, while Laban movement chorus and contact improvisation inform the ensemble work.  LED candles provide symbolism and an ambience of tranquility. 


Conjunctions and Transit (6:13 excerpts) 2015

As a site-specific dance developed through contact improvisation and a tight score, these duets examine the impetus of movement, energy transfer, and reactionary response.  Taking inspiration from celestial actions in the cosmos, this dance explores the power of proximity and the influence of nearness. 


Zen Garden (5:44 excerpt) 2015

This site-specific dance incorporates  the architecture of its environment to create an immersive performance event.  Inspired by Zen aesthetics and ideals, this dance reflects the shapes and textures of its surroundings, to include the corridors, archways, open  space and curved seating.  Form and function converge to create a deeply contemplative and meditative experience. 


Planetary Dances (4:07) 2013

A celebration of the solar system, this dance is inspired by the relationships and interactions in our cosmic neighborhood.  Pathways and partnering  are derived from dynamic events and natural forces in space, to provide a big picture view.  Movement explores orbits, conjunctions, transit, vortex, impacts, gravitational pull, centrifugal force, and momentum. 


Some Will Bring Flowers (7:38) 2011

A heavy and sorrowful expression of mourning, this group work is inspired by the grief process and somatic experience of a cemetery.  Movement is developed from contact improvisation and built on the pendulum swing.  Handheld luminous electronics provide a shifting dreamlike landscape for partnering.


Seep (3:02) 2009

An organic exploration of the elusive beauty of deterioration, this solo is inspired by coastal erosion and somatic experience of a shore ecosystem.  Movement is developed from somatic practices and found movement from location.


Liquid Light (3:06) 2008

A swift and bright orchestration, this dance blends Buddhist theory of "wei wu wei" with Jungian theory of "collective unconscious" through water imagery and ensemble work.  Movement is developed from rhythms of water taking the path of least resistance. 


Please Be Seated (5:26) 2006

A humorous look at human behavior, this dance is inspired by distractions to formal decorum in formal environments.  Movement is developed from classical dance and found movement from location.


Hey Beautiful (2:11 excerpt) 1997

From MFA thesis.  A contrast between languid rest and tense provocation, this dance  is inspired by insomnia and somatic reaction of the fight or flight response.  Movement is developed on spirals and throws, making reference to tossing and turning in sleep.