Kim Gregg's
  Somatic Movement
Transformative Experience

What are Somatics?

Evidence-based, Trauma-informed, Research-backed


  • Somatics are a diverse group of practices, often referred to as the Body-Mind Therapies, that promote a holistic connection between body, mind, and spirit, to restore a sense of inner balance and calm.


  • Somatic movement provides a gentle and nuanced approach to fuller embodiment, that integrates energetic alignment, and fosters a reconnection with deeper levels of self-knowing.


  • Somatic movement is often used to clear out past trauma stored within the body, and release the emotional baggage associated with it, which liberates energetic blocks for greater ease and flow.


  • Somatic movement offers an effective method for reconditioning the highly reactive nervous system and restoring inner calm, by operating on a subcortical level. It integrates the top-down cognitive processes through attentional focus, acceptance and non-judgment, and the bottom-up neurophysiological processes through breath, posture and movement.


  • In my personal experience, somatic movement promotes fuller embodiment and self-agency, which cultivates a greater source of resilience, empowerment, and wellbeing.